Thus it is said:

The path into the the light seems dark,

the path forward seems to go back,

the direct path seems long,

true power seems weak,

true purity seems tarnished,

true steadfastness seems changeable,

true clarity seems obscure,

the greatest art seems unsophisticated,

the greatest love seems indifferent,

the greatest wisdom seems childish.

The Tao is nowhere to be found.

Yet it nourishes and completes all things.

- Lao Tzu

All is not as it seems . . . not in life, not in law.

Despite the projection of the world as portrayed by Hollywood and the media, life isn't a zero-sum game - the winner on the right eating grapes and caviar, the loser on the left eating hardtack and applesauce. No. Life is about balance. So is the legal system. Recall the scales of justice? The scales are much more than mere empty symbolism, for they simultaneously both encapsulate and transcend human law inasmuch as they represent the fairness in this world that awaits us in the next.

My clients are sometimes shocked at how adamant I am about trying to resolve their issues without resorting to litigation, even though 50% of the time I do just that. And then at least some must wonder, "What did I need an attorney for? I did it all on my own;)"

The question goes like this: Aren't lawyers supposed to sue? Isn't that their modus operandi?

Well . . . yes and no. Mostly no. We're considered Attorneys and Counselors at Law. That second part often gets overlooked by the overzealous client in search of "justice",  a word often, and quite unfortunately, used interchangeably with "revenge", but they are not the same.

Lawyers are not in the business of exacting revenge on anyone, not even on the most egregious of defendants, the ones who might, perhaps, deserve a dose of karmic accountability. No, lawyers, in my opinion, are in the business of creating balance in a world gone awry. . . making the lop-sided even. It's that simple.

- M. Chappell