Stop thinking, and end your problems.

What difference between yes and no?

What difference between success and failure?

Must you value what others value, 

avoid what others avoid?

How ridiculous!

- Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu says our three greatest treasures as socio-spiritual beings are: Patience - with friends and enemies; Compassion - for oneself, and thus the world; and, very important...Simplicity - of thought and action.

Just because something reads or sounds sophisticated or intelligent, doesn't make it so - oftentimes just the opposite.

As an attorney, I try to take the most complex of issues and chip away at their complexity, bit by bit, until they're no longer so complex. Until they're, well, simple.

Think of the Windows operating system. You'll never see the intricate, algorithmic complexity behind any of those colorful icons on your computer or smartphone. No. The complexity is hidden, like an iceberg, or a deep-hulled ocean liner. Making the complex simple requires creativity and synthesis, the two highest orders of thought. It's easy to get caught up in "complex", circular thinking if one isn't vigilantly mindful of one's thoughts, moment by moment...

And it's a daily struggle, the human struggle, but a very worthwhile one. A journey is what we're on, whereby the destination isn't nearly as important as the path, the way . . . the Tao.

- M. Chappell